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Pre-athletic control has the primary goal of preventing sudden death during intense physical exercise.

The purpose of pre-athletic screening is also to diagnose pathological conditions that do not preclude complete or limited sports activity, but require special precautions and monitoring. The audit is aimed at athletes of all ages (adults, children, the elderly) enrolled in gyms and sports clubs, private schools, etc.) with the main purpose of ensuring athletes, meeting the responsibility of club owners and presidencies and their smooth operation. sports venues.

Cardiovascular screening should not be considered a routine test. Careful history (family and individual), electrocardiogram, and complete clinical examination with echocardiography are required. Where there is evidence of possible heart disease, testing should be completed with a fatigue test and Holter recording. Echocardiography contributes significantly to prenatal screening in people of all ages, providing accurate anatomical information and diagnosing most of the conditions that may lead to rare but tragic sudden death in sports.

From the above it is clear that the cardiological examination of athletes and people of all ages who are going to exercise is a very serious matter, especially since they are subject to legal liability, and in no case, of course, and without any excuse should not be given certificates without examination.