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    This department was created on the occasion of the great experience of Mr. Vahliotis, from his many years of cooperation with the obstetrics and gynecology clinic of "MITERA", in the monitoring of pregnant women, high risk interest rates and women with or without heart problems. Frequent cardiac complications of pregnancy, such as hypertension, eclampsia and preeclampsia, but also high-risk pregnancies, such as in women with valvular disease, arrhythmias, thyroid disease, pulmonary hypertension and myocardial infarction, require close co-operation with an experienced cardiologist. the deterioration of the pregnant woman's health and the unwanted termination of the pregnancy. We undertake the preventive control of the pregnant woman, the regular cardiological monitoring, where it is required, but also the treatment of the complications of the pregnancies of high cardiac risk both in the period of the pregnancy and in the maternity wards. In this way, we can help, whenever needed, the woman in dealing with possible pregnancy problems and contribute to her successful completion.


    The expertise and extensive experience of the doctor in ultrasound, guarantees the provision of the most modern, comprehensive medical care for the most valuable thing you have, your child. Hundreds of our parents have trusted us since 2009 when we started our operation. The modern equipment and our experienced staff as well as the pleasantly designed environment and the cartoons screenings during the examination, guarantee the best treatment for our little heroes. The children's examination, in addition to the clinical assessment and the electrocardiogram, can be supplemented with a heart ultrasound (Triplex) and blood tests, if necessary. The most common cases you may need are:

    -Evaluation of blows (in most cases it is physiologically insignificant)
    -Assessment of non-complex congenital heart diseases (complex cyanotic heart diseases need to be monitored by a pediatric cardiologist)
    -Sports - school control - certificates
    -Preventive cardiological testing
    -Assessment of suspected cardiac symptoms (such as unexplained dizziness, fainting, heartburn, shortness of breath, fatigue and palpitations, etc.)