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In our modern multidisciplinary cardiology clinic, there is a nutrition department headed by the graduate dietitian Mr. Aikaterini Bakalakis, with the aim of interdisciplinary treatment of obesity and eating disorders. Our services are offered to people of all ages, regardless of their health status, and especially to patients with co-morbidities and metabolic problems, who need several complex diets and follow-up by qualified staff.

The composition of a proper diet should take into account the historical and organic background of each patient. The fragmentary approach to dietary problems cannot provide comprehensive solutions to obesity. The uniqueness of our center lies in the scientific and comprehensive medical and dietary approach needed by the overweight patient, which only a well-trained team can offer. Hippocrates' saying "your medicine is your food" is perfectly in line with our goals.

The head of the nutrition department guides the patients in the correct shaping of their diet and gives alternative food choices for a healthier lifestyle, taking into account the special eating habits of each one. At the same time, in collaboration with the rehabilitation department, we are able to assist in the faster achievement of the objectives by preparing (by a physiotherapist and trainer) special personalized exercise programs for healthy and sick people. In addition, there is a psychologist at your disposal, with experience in managing eating disorders, while our work is supported by the other medical departments (endocrinology, pediatrics, dermatology, microbiology, ultrasound, surgery, etc.) of MEDICAL SCIENCE, thus contributing to holistic treatment of any dietary problem.


In our department, obese patients of all ages can be treated, with metabolic problems and co-morbidities. Patients with cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, anemia, osteoporosis, hyperuricemia, nephropathy, cholecystopathy, ulcers and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. can be particularly beneficial. In addition, special nutritional support is provided to athletes, pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as group-corporate programs. We also target women with aesthetic problems, such as hormonal disorders and fluid retention, as well as healthy people who aim to prevent and adopt a proper diet.

Our work is supported by the use of special equipment, which is able to perform a complete analysis of the physical composition.

Special measurements are made, such as:

Liposuction and analysis of body composition (determination of fat and muscle mass, water content in the human body), using a bioelectrical impedance machine.

Measurement of body weight and specific metric data (waist circumference, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arm) to better assess the patient's progress.

Measurement of basal metabolism, very easily, by respiration, using the innovative Breezing device. The Breezing device is a "smart" indirect calorimeter, very easy to learn and use. It gives us for the first time the opportunity to have in our hands quickly and accurately, the real information about our metabolism.

Monitoring physical activity with special motion meters and vital parameters

Detection of sleep apnea, with special sleep holter

Our practice also includes the Eurodiet diet, a world-renowned medical diet based on glycemic control of food intake, with excellent results, especially in diabetic patients.

With the guidance and monitoring of your doctor, nutritionist and co-workers, you can choose the ideal diet that suits you.


The Eurodiet method is a scientific method of weight loss, structured based on the latest studies and the medical literature. It consists of four phases, two phases of dynamic loss and two phases of loss, training and nutritional treatment. The method is characterized by:

Effectiveness: A loss of about 10% of weight is achieved in 40 to 50 days.
Ease of application: No food needs to be weighed, there are pleasant tasting options, sweets from the first day ...
Safety: No strain on the body and activation of antioxidant and anti-aging mechanisms.
And most importantly: Education. The one who completes the program no longer has any anxiety about stabilizing his weight. He is fully informed and has received new and proper nutrition.